Chinapac: Our Story

We’re a Canadian tour company based in Vancouver, specializing in Asian travel. It all started 29 years ago when Chinapac began offering premier travel packages to China and South East Asia. We’ve grown since then—though we remain Asia travel specialists, Chinapac offers more than just China. Now, our tours visit over 20 countries outside of Asia, including the US, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Turkey and France. Really, we can help you with almost any destination!


As a full service Travel Agency & Tour Operator, we can do tours of all types and sizes: small group tours, private tours, customs tours and MICE tours. Our goal is to ensure that every Chinapac tour exceeds the client’s expectations, and, from what we’ve heard from almost 30 years of satisfied customers, we continue to meet our goal time and time again. When you travel with Chinapac, you benefit from both the confidence and convenience that comes with a fully certified Canadian tour company and the 24/7 support and expertise of our local staff and guides.


Our Mission


To provide quality tours and memorable experiences for our clients’ adventures around the globe.


We LOVE Travel


At Chinapac, we are proud of our reputation. Among all the tour companies in Canada, we’ve been selected as the #1 Package Tour Operator to China. We work hard to keep this honour. But it’s not all work—we play hard too. At Chinapac we LOVE to travel, and we bring that enthusiasm to work every day, to help you pick the tour of a lifetime. Our Asia travel specialists have travelled throughout Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, Asia, and the US in a constant search for that once-in-a-lifetime experience for our clients. We know what to expect and what to watch out for. The only thing we love more than travelling is creating great travel experiences that exceed customer expectations. We create innovative travel packages filled with unforgettable sights, fascinating people and rich cultural exchange.


Whether you want to go from Vancouver to China, or from Calgary to India, or just about anywhere else, we’ve got a tour for you. Contact Chinapac for the travel experience of a lifetime!

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